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Non-Practicing Membership

A Non-Practicing Member is a person of good moral character who is

  1. Not employed or engaged in the practice of kinesiology in British Columbia who was formerly a Practicing Member, or
  2. A person who meets the entrance requirements for Practicing Membership, is not employed or engaged in the practice of kinesiology in British Columbia and does not wish to become a Practicing Member.
  3. To qualify for non-practicing membership you must meet the following condition: 

    • You no longer work directly with person(s) in any of the areas of practice (see "how kinesiologists serve the public") and you do not make decisions that relate directly to an individual person's health or exercise services.

Note: Non-practicing members (other than those on maternity/paternity leave) are not eligible to purchase Professional Liability insurance through the BCAK/CKA group plan.


Membership dues

Membership Type

Join Month


(not prorated)


(Including GST)


January - December



All membership fees paid are non-refundable. Membership expires on December 31 of each year and no mid-term cancellations are permitted.

Membership renewal

Membership renewal takes place each December, online through your MyBCAK account. 

The deadline for membership renewal is December 31 of each year.

How to apply

If you are currently a Practicing member and wish to switch to the Non-Practicing category please contact the office 30 to 60 days prior to your membership expiry date as changes to category are only permitted at renewal time.

If you are a new applicant you are required to complete the application process for "Practicing Membership" and meet all the requirements.

Note: This is a special category for those who were but are no longer practicing (not working directly with clients or making client decisions) and who qualify for Practicing Membership but are not practicing. 

If you have additional questions on this category of membership please contact the BCAK office directly. 


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    Working together to raise awareness of the value of the profession
  • Exclusive Job Postings
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  • Informative newsletters and eBulletins
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  • Continuing Education
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Maternity / Paternity Leave

Practicing  members who will be off work for maternity or paternity leave have the option of switching from Practicing to Non-Practicing Membership for up to 2 consecutive years. This is a financial benefit provided to new parents.

To streamline the process of switching from Practicing to Non-Practicing Membership, we limit the change to renewal time. If you return to work during the calendar year while a Non-Practicing memgber, you do not have to pay additional fees, simply notify the office of your return to practice in order to update your membership status. The following year you will then renew as a Practicing member.

During your leave, you have the option to continue to purchase professional liability insurance or notify the insurance company at renewal time that you will be on maternity leave and they will provide you with extended reporting coverage for the year. If you return to work during the year, you will be required to  purchase insurance, which will be pro-rated based on when you return to work.  Please call or email PROLINK for details.