Our Associate Members

Applying For Practicing Membership

Applicants for Practicing (Professional) membership must meet a number of entrance requirements & standards, including:


Degree and curriculum requirements include:

  • A four-year Bachelor of Science degree majoring in kinesiology or an equivalent discipline
  • Completion of  the core courses with a minimum grade point average of C- or better, along with an additional 16 elective courses covering a minimum of 10 course categories.

You can view the core and elective course category spreadsheet here.

The BCAK's academic standards originate from and are primarily based on the CCUPEKA Accreditation Standards for Kinesiology Undergraduate Degree Programs in Canada.

Moral Character

You must be of 'good moral character' to hold membership in the BCAK. Good moral character describes the presence (or lack thereof) of certain behaviours. These behaviours relate to public trust, safety, access to personal information and working with or treating vulnerable persons.

For Practicing membership applicants, this requires a criminal records check to verify the lack of certain types of criminal convictions

Professional Ethics and Standards

You must act in a professional manner. For the BCAK, this requires that you abide by its Ethics Policy, Scope of Practice (including guidelines), Professional Practice Standards, and are proficient in the English language, in addition to maintaining and enhancing your skills and knowledge through ongoing continuing education.

Application Pathways

The pathway under which you will apply depends on where you were educated and the degree(s) you hold.

Pathway 1: Graduates of Recognized BC Undergraduate Degree Programs

Recognized university/college undergraduate degree programs have been verified and meet the BCAK's minimum academic content and grade requirements for Practicing membership admission. Applicants who hold one of these degrees are deemed to meet the primary academic requirements for membership and may apply through Pathway 1. Please follow the link below for a list of approved Pathway-1 degree programs.

List of Approved Pathway 1 Degree Programs

Applicants who graduate with a degree other than those listed must apply under Pathway 2.

Pathway 2: Graduates of Other Kinesiology or Related Degree Programs

Pathway 2 contains 3 subcategories based on where you were educated and the language in which you were educated. Please select from the following sub-pathway links provided to determine your requirements and how to apply.

  • Pathway 2A – Graduates of BC and Canadian undergraduate degree programs (excluding Pathway 1 degree programs)
  • Pathway 2B – English language undergraduate and graduate degree programs from outside of Canada (International)
  • Pathway 2C – Non-English language undergraduate and graduate degree programs from outside of Canada (International ESL)


What if I graduated a while ago and I am just applying for membership?

If you are applying for membership more than two years after you have completed your undergraduate degree, you must include evidence of continuing education in accordance with the Continuing Education Standards Program (CESP) along with your application.

This should be submited in the form of receipts, certificates of attendance or any other record indicating you have completed additional education in the field, along with the other support documentation required.

Sample calculation of required credit hours

Ms. Jones graduated in 2010, travelled the world for 2 years after graduation, then worked for 4 years in a retail clothing stoe. In 2016 she decided that she wanted to take up a career in kinesiology utilizing her kinesiology degree.

Year of application: 2016, Year of graduation: 2010.

2016-2010 = 6 years - (2 year grace period) = 4 years

4 years x 20 credits (or hours) = 80 credits.

Ms. Jones would need to accumulate (or have accumulated) 80 credits/hours of continuing education related to kinesiology within the time since her graduation (6 years prior), and be able to provide receipts, certificates of completion, or a letter from the course provider verifying the content and hours completed. 


When can I submit my application and when can I expect to hear back from the BCAK?


You can submit your application once you have gathered all the required documentation. The list of items to submit is detailed on the "Application Checklist". 


The membership committee completes reviews on a monthly basis. As a general rule, you can expect to hear back on whether or not your application has been reviewed and whether you have been accepted within one month from the date when all of your required documents have been submitted to the BCAK office.

The complete review process will however depend on where you obtained your education, "in province", out of province" or "out of country".

Timelines for processing applicants are listed below. Applicants from other parts of Canada and outside of Canada typically require more review time as there are more documents and syllabus review required, particularly for internationally educated applicants whose degree programs typically do not follow the same format as those in Canada.

BC applicants:                                Within 30 days

Other Canadian applicants:             Within 60 days

International applicants:                 Within 90 days

It is an applicants responsibility to ensure they allow sufficient time for application processing if they have employment arranged. The membership committee will do its best to ensure a timely review of applications as they are received.

We regret that due to the high volume of membership applications received and the limited availability of the volunteer committee members we are unable to accommodate requests to expedite the review of membership applications.


Is there an application fee?

If you are a new applicant (or the allowable reinstatement period has expired) you will be required to pay an Application Processing Fee. Please see the Practicing Membership page for details.



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