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Academic (including Student) Membership

An Academic Member is a person who:

a)    is enrolled in a course of studies leading to a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree in kinesiology from a post-secondary educational institution in Canada that is recognized by the Board, or

b)    is or was employed as a professor, instructor, or member of the faculty of a post-secondary educational institution in Canada that is recognized by the Board, in a faculty or department which offers courses in kinesiology, human kinetics, and related subjects.

Membership dues

Membership Type


Total (including GST)


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Please note: Membership dues are annual (no pro-rating available) and non-refundable. All memberships expire on December 31 of each year in which they were purchased.

Membership renewal

Membership renewal takes place each December, online through your MyBCAK account. 

The deadline for membership renewal each year is December 31st. You will have until January 31st of the new year to renew your membership, after this date your access to the members only section of the website and benefits will discontinue. 


  • Helpful Resources

Free or low-cost access to valuable resources including Physiotec Health and Fitness SoftwareBC Business All-Access PasseHealth Library, and the Human Kinetics Book of the Month

  • Networking
    Through events and the BCAK social networks
  • Advocacy
    Working together to raise awareness of the value of the profession
  • Exclusive Job Postings
    For BCAK members only
  • Informative newsletters and eBulletins
    Keeping you informed
  • Continuing Education
    Through events and online resources

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