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Find public resources and information related to Kinesiology.  Do you know how a kinesiologist can help you with sports injury prevention or develop a return to work program for work injury claims?  In this section you will find answers to frequently asked questions, articles written by BCAK members.


What’s the difference between a Kinesiologist and a Personal Trainer?

A Practicing Kinesiologist is required to have a minimum four-year degree in a specialized kinesiology or human kinetics program from a recognized post-secondary institution.  A certified personal trainer is often certified through recreational programs and is trained to work with individuals who have no known injuries, disabilities or medical conditions that would impair or limit the ability to exercise.  Fundamentally, the difference is in the required level of education. 

What are the educational requirements for a Kinesiologist?

Kinesiologists require a four year post-secondary (Bachelor of Science or equivalent) degree from a kinesiology or human kinetics program. BCAK members are required to commit to ongoing yearly professional development and continuing education.

How can Kinesiologists help me, my family or my organization?

Kinesiologists deliver occupational health, wellness, ergonomic, disability and rehabilitation management programs and services.  We can help with return to work programs, functional capacity evaluations, and assess workplace environments for improved health and wellness. For individuals with specific health and wellness needs we can provide programs and services that support preventative, maintenance and rehabilitative goals (for example, work injury claims or sports injury prevention, rehabilitation and treatment).


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 Kinesiologists at the 2016 Wellness Show 

Health And Wellness Resources

BC Alliance For Healthy Living Society (BCAHL)

The BC Association of Kinesiologists is a part of the BC Alliance For Healthy Living Society (BCAHL) Network. The Alliance is a provincial coalition of organizations working together to improve the health of British Columbians through leadership and collaboration to address the risk factors and health inequities that contribute significantly to chronic disease. 

Provincial Health Services Authority

 The Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) provides a variety of services, health information and research for the people of BC.

The PHSA's Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit is a ground breaking evidence-based and expert-informed resource that links planning principles to health outcomes and identifies the behavioural impacts (e.g., walking and transit use) and environmental impacts (e.g., noise and traffic safety) that contribute to those health outcomes. The toolkit summarizes the evidence for planning principles that can inform healthier neighbourhood design, housing, transportation networks, natural environments, and food systems. The PHSA believes the HBE Linkages Toolkit can support healthier communities by facilitating dialogue between professionals that share a responsibility for shaping healthier built environments. 

Healthy Families BC


Healthy Families BC offers a variety of support services on Food & Nutrition, Lifestyle & Exercise, Pregnancy & Parenting, and Aging

Diabetes Canada

Canadian Diabetes Association logo

Being physically active everyday can help control diabetes and improve your health. Diabetes Canada recommends performing 150 minutes of aerobic activity and three sessions of resistance training activity each week. Find out more about the exercises you can do and how you can stay motivated. 

 Diabetes Canada monthly e-newsletter "Current" contains informative article to help manage your diabetes.


BCAK Facebook Page

The BCAK Facebook Page provides information on healthy living activities and current issues related to health, for the general public and its members. Please check us out!

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