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Commercial Event Advertising

Promote your event or course to BCAK members through our online events calendar. Members are often looking for ways to earn continuing education credits and advance their skill and knowlege. The BCAK website offers a great way to reach this audience.

Promotional Fees

All Events/Courses/Seminars (Single or Multi day)

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To purchase a posting on our event calendar, please Email us the details of your posting along with your contact information. Listings will remain until the course date has been reached. Also see eBlast Advertising if you are interested in having your event details emailed directly to members.

Additional Details

  • Charitable events - Events which are free to attend can be promoted on the calendar free of charge (email the office for further details)
  • Course approval - The BCAK does not pre-approve courses or their content for its Continuing Education Standards Program (CESP). All courses which contain relevant content to the varioius fields of practice (see: How Kinesiologists Serve the Public) are accepted for credit under the CESP program.
  • Course Content Disclaimer - The BCAK assumes no liability to course advertisers for postings which offer content that is not within the scope of practice of kinesiology as defined by the BCAK. The BCAK encourages course promoters and members refer to the Scope of Practice (including member guidelines) document in determining the appropriateness of any continuing education course. If you require additional details on scope of practice please follow the link to the document.